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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
my hair

remember the 8 things meme?  one thing on it had been really bothering was about how i have always hated my hair.  well for the past few months i've been changing that thought in my mind.  yesterday, i told my friend tracy about my new mantra and when i said it out loud it made me laugh.  i'd never said it out loud before.  so i thought...why not say it out loud on your blog.  make it more real that way, right?  more effective.

so here's my new hair mantra (and i have more that are about all sorts of things...but this one...this one is just for my hair):

my hair is beautiful and growing longer and stronger and more beautiful everyday!

that's it.  like it?  i do.  i decided that by always saying that i hated my hair i was only making that more and more true.  like being called stupid all the time when you're a kid...well, you probably know how that one goes.

so i have turned my attention to what i want to feel, believe...whatever.  and it's helping.  i haven't taken scissors to my hair since.  oh i look and i think, i really need to trim those little growining out wings in the back there.  i always do that when i'm trying to grow my hair out.  and then i just never know when to stop and the next thing you know i'm half bald and back to trying to grow it out again.  it is an ugly cycle.

so, i am taking it all in.  the wings that drive me crazy even...i am taking it all in and learning to love it all.  it is beautiful and growing longer and stronger and more beautiful everyday.  it is, really!

you should hear my other mantras.  ah, but that is for another time altogether.

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Posted at 9/18/2007 8:40:01 am by sssmommy

September 19, 2007   08:11 AM PDT
well, I would hate my hair if it were constantly growing out too. Last time I grew it out was the early 1980s! LOL! I liked it enough really short, and I like it long, but I HATE it in between. Especially my hair, with the unpredictable curls to stick up places.

Of course, that one photo of me you took at Carver with it down and the ear thing on, that was pretty bad. Like an afro gone impotent.
September 19, 2007   03:00 PM PDT
Hey, great hair! Great mantra too!

Actually, there is eerily a lot to be said about creating and stating affirmations.

Good to see you again!

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