Entry: aargh! pirate day!! Wednesday, September 19, 2007

i've been planning a special day for the kids this week...but they didn't know about it.  i got up this morning and played around on the computer until they got up.  when they were all up, i told them to get dressed because we needed to go to the grocery store (which we do, but we didn't).  so off we go and we pass our usual shopping spots...and they ask where we're going and i tell them we're gonna go to a different place that i wanted to check out.

then we pull into "blackbeard's cove, family fun park"....and then they are all excited!!  here's the cool thing.  while we were getting ready to go, samuel informs me that it's some sort of national pirate day, or talk like a pirate day.  which i thought was pretty cool given my surprise.  isn't that just a wonderful coincidence.  oh wait, there are no coincidences.  so i'm trying to figure out what this one means like deepak says i should but i can't figure it out yet.  then we get in the car and it's exactly 10:25 and the radio digital display is on channel 102.5...we thought that was pretty cool.

this is something we probably never would've done because of the cost but my friends at the sprout gave me a $40 gift certificate on my last day of work.  thank you so much guys!!

when we first got there, it was all empty and i started to worry that they might be closed.  i said "they can't be closed on pirate day!!!"  but they were open, yeah!!

so the first thing we did was a round of mini golf on the fort course.  right away on the first hole, sadie got a hole in one!!  the next exciting thing was that on the 7th hole, sadie had to go pee NOW!!  so we went and did that and then came back.  luckily we were the only people there.  then around the 11th hole, i had samuel pose with a sign and the next thing you know he's screaming and pulling his clothes off!!!  i am not kidding.  he had gotten into a red ant pile and they were all over him!!  o.h.m.y.g.o.s.h.

by this time i was starving and couldn't wait to get inside for lunch.  snack bar food!!  yep, believe it or not, i love snack bar food.  nachos, fries...ya know i don't get that stuff often.  so we finished the course and headed back inside for lunch.  we ALL got nachos, sadie got a cheese quesadilla, the boys got cheese pizza slices, and i got a salad.  yum, we were so stuffed!!  sadly, there was no more room for fries.

then it was time for the go karts!!!  this was crazy fun.  i could hardly steer the damn thing!!  i found out that i am not going to be able to let silas drive...ever!!  he was wild behind the wheel.  we went round and round and i started to wonder (even more than i did before) why someone would want to be a race car driver.  sure, it's fun and when you go really fast, it's exciting and scary.  but by the 4th lap round, i was ready to stop!!  ah well.  it was fun anyway.  and better than feeling like the ride wasn't long enough...that always sucks.

we then we went inside to use our $5 worth of tokens on the games.  you know the type of arcades that are ticket based.  get so many tickets from playing certain games and see what sort of junk you can get for a ridiculously high number of tickets.  ah but it was fun, and for the most part...not coming out of my pocket.  i got the most tickets...this is because i'm a skeeball freak!!  and that's where you get the most tickets.  unless you're brave and go for the gamble type games.

then the hard part came.  deciding what to get with all the tickets.  holy cow.  decisions decisions.  in the end we pretty much just put all out tickets together and we all got some fun junk.  i just wanted the pirate rubber ducky and let the kids have the rest.

then we got ice cream at the snack bar.  and that was the end of our pirate day fun at blackbeard's.  we took tons of pix that i'm going to put on my flickr page because i don't feel like reducing my pictures enough so that they aren't too big for this site (i tried uploading one picture and it said it exceeded my space left or something or other).  ah well.

pix here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sssmommy/sets/72157602086767917/

i was really happy that we got to do this before leaving town.  we really needed a fun day out of the apartment.  i've had the gift certificate since july and kept putting off using it because of the heat.  and today was just beautiful, not too hot, not too cold (as if it could ever be really cold in september here).  ah but it got me looking forward to a tennessee fall.

happy pirate day, mateys!!!!


September 20, 2007   05:28 AM PDT
honey, it means the universe loves you!
September 20, 2007   08:27 AM PDT
ohmygosh. i don't know why i didn't think of that. it is quite simple. because all day i kept thinking just how wonderful it was and that really really cool coincidences like that rarely occur for many people. and it being so cool just made me smile all day long. plus how happy my kids were and how much samuel also really loved the idea of such a nifty coincidence and he smiled all day too.

the universe loves me. i like that. thank you.
September 22, 2007   10:41 PM PDT
LOVE the pirate patches!
September 25, 2007   07:05 PM PDT
Hey laura I am so glad that you are finally here. You really made me feel alot better about the whole doctor thing.

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