Entry: anybody touches my stuff... Wednesday, October 03, 2007

they fuckin' die!! 

no, no...i don't really talk like that.  that's just a line from a pixies' song.  but i was listening to it today and it made me think about something that happened yesterday and thinking about that made me start thinking about so many many other things.  and here they are...in no particular order:

we're staying with my parents right now.  it's been a week.  things are going pretty smoothly.  i've finally gotten back into a rythm that feels more natural.  those first few days i was a zombie.  the other night i was doing dishes or something and my dad was taking out the trash and i said to him:  "ya know, if this house were bigger and we all had less stuff this would be an ideal way to live."  having more people around all the time is nice.  especially on weekends when my parents don't have to work.  generational household i think it's called.  more than one income.  more than one pair of adult hands at just about any given time.  not so much on the privacy, but i guess that's where creativity comes in handy.

so yesterday we come home and find that my nephew has been in our room playing the kids' gamecube.  samuel, who is pretty sensitive about his stuff, got pretty upset.  he did eventually get past it.  but i could tell it left a feeling of his privacy having been invaded.  so this got me to thinking about privacy and how people feel about all their "stuff."

what is it about our stuff that is so important and private and special?  why do we hate the idea of other people being in our stuff?  why do we have so much stuff to begin with?

one of the things i'm going to be doing while we're staying here is helping my mom sort through stuff that she wants to have in a yard sale.  my mom likes to keep a lot of things (this is where i get my need to keep things from, thanks mom!!).  i know how attached she is to her stuff.  i know that my going through it and making decisions about what to keep is way out of the question.  hell, i wouldn't want anyone to do that for me.  but i'm here more than anyone and i keep thinking how i could get it done in no time.  i'm already good and primed from the cleaning out and packing of our recent move.  all my sorting muscles are all warmed up.  let me at it!!  but i know it's gonna be baby steps.  parting with things seems to be harder the longer we've had it.  as if time somehow makes it more important or valuable or meaningful.

i don't know.  so that's what i was thinking about.  stuff.  our attachment to it.  our need for it.  our need for it not to be messed with by anyone else.

just stuff, ya know.


October 3, 2007   08:56 PM PDT
My parents are ultra-pack rats. Dad lived through the depression and Mom just plain grew up in poverty. They can NOT throw anything away, like it's an illness.

So in my case, it must've skipped a generation, having grown up with that, I LOVE to throw / donate / chuck things. It feels really good... most of the time.

Have fun in your multi-generational home. I can see some real plusses to that, as long as it's not with my in-laws!
October 4, 2007   10:30 AM PDT
You are very right about the generational household thing. We still need SOME privacy, but not what people think I think. Of course, I'm one to talk, living as isolated as we do.

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