Entry: more thoughts about "stuff" Friday, October 05, 2007

here's another thing i had been thinking a lot about since packing.

we had been packing for a month and we kept setting things aside that we were taking to my parents' house and stuff that we needed to not pack at all because we still needed it daily.  and as more boxes piled up, and we went about our lives each day packing and living, i started wondering how much of the stuff in those packed boxes we really needed.  well, none of it really.  absolutely none of it.  i'm talking about need here.  not the two huge boxes of photo albums, the more than i can count that contain much loved precious toys and stuffed animals and dolls and legos and art supplies and an unimaginable amount of saved drawings.  i know this stuff we must keep, we love it, we "need" it, we cannot live without it.  right?

i started fantasizing about a life that included only the stuff that was not being packed.  you know, the tooth brushes and other bathroom things; a few cups, bowls and plates and utensils; a few boxes of must have all the time toys and supplies and books.  that's it.  nothing else.  and maybe...maybe...even less furniture.  GASP!!!  i am a furniture junkie.  i love to find it by the side of the road and bring it home and give it all sorts of loving care and make it a part of our family.  much like some people are with animals.  how even i might be with animals had i a place to keep them or the money to maintain them.

but what do we really need?  how much of what we have do we actually use on a daily basis?  what could we live without...really?

from what i observed during the packing weeks, we could live in our camper again quite easily with even less stuff that we had packed into it back then.  everything we brought to my parents' house fit into the back of the jeep.  we have a few boxes of clothes at the front of the storage space that are for winter.  and that's it.

so why can't i get rid of everything else?  well, i don't want to.  and i do want to.  but i don't.  the "i don't want to" side of me wins...as it often does.

still, i find myself imagining when we move into a house and how different i plan on arranging all this stuff.  and even thinking about a few key pieces of furniture to get rid of.  you know, i almost got rid of my ginormous old ugly sectional.  i told scotty if it makes his life easier to not have to fit it into the uhaul that i would get rid of it.  turned out, there was plenty of space after everything else was in there, so i got to keep it.  i was happy.  good thing i used to be so good at tetris.  samuel said he could see me playing real life tetris in my head as i put all the boxes into the uhaul just so.

anyway.  that's about all the stuff i have to say about stuff for now.  i think...

thoughts, ideas (much like stuff)...there are just an endless supply of them.


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