Entry: old tapes Wednesday, October 24, 2007

my dear friend tracy might read the title of this post and think it's going to be about something much deeper...but it's not.  no, i'm talking about old tapes, real ones, not psychological ones.

from my last post it's pretty obvious that i've been listening to some old music in the car.  when we were moving, i pulled the tapes i had in the car and replaced them with some i hadn't listened to in awhile.

there's just something really cool about old tapes.  while packing i found one from 1974 (i think) of me and my 2 older sisters.  i was screaming and throwing a fit.  i was 3.  sounded just like silas at that age...deep, raspy voice.  also found tapes i'd made of my kids.  talking, singing songs.  we had a lot of fun listening to them.  it made me miss them (the then them).  another good tape i found was one i had been making for my friend in florida when i was about 13.  i never sent it...obviously.  but listening to it makes me glad i didn't (sorry g-squared).  who was i then?  i have no idea, but that tape helps put some of the pieces together.

there is a spontaneous quality to tapes that you don't get with being able to make your own CDs.  maybe that's what digital cameras are now.  most have the ability to film with sound now too, which is pretty cool.  and you don't have to think about developing, you can just take pictures of whatever.  i like that.

the tape i was listening to in the car was recorded off the tv (which was playing a video that my boyfriend at the time had recorded for me).  we lived in hiltons, virginia and there was not a lot of good television reception...let alone cable.  so he would tape MTV's "120 minutes" video show for me.  so i had made a mix tape of some songs from those videos (which i still have those too by the way!).  in one song you can even hear the bark of a now long gone dog.  we had several, so i don't know which one it might've been.  the date on the tape is 3-30-88.  just a few days after my 17th birthday.  so whichever dogs we had at that time, it was one of them.

here's the song list (for those who are curious):

birth, school, work, death - the godfathers

no new tale to tell - love & rockets

kiss and tell - bryan ferry

peace of mind - the grapes of wrath

under the milkyway - the church

talk talk - talk talk

mandinka - sinead o-conner

the boy with a thorn in his side - the smiths

inside out - mighty lemon drops

beds are burning - midnight oil

world shut your mouth - julian cope

hot, hot, hot - the cure

on the other side is copy from a tape, so the sound is much better.  it's echo & the bunnymen's self titled 1987 release.


i've really enjoyed listening to this old stuff.  brings back lots of memories.

am i the only one with 20 year old mix tapes??


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April 19, 2012   12:57 AM PDT
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